World Engineers Convention 2019

Case Study

Known as the "Olympics of Engineering"', the World Engineers Convention (WEC) 2019 welcomed over 3,000 delegates from 75 countries to Melbourne to meet and discuss how the engineering profession was evolving in a rapidly changing world.

Hosted by Engineers Australia (EA) and the World Federation of Engineering Organizations (WFEO), and held at the 6 Green-Star rated Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, the WEC 2019 program focused on sustainable cities and climate change, innovation and disruption, and leadership and governance. It also addressed the need for a more diverse profession and the capabilities that are required for the engineers of our future.

Positive impacts of WEC 2019

WEC 2019 generated $19.6m for the local economy. However, benefits went well beyond the economic contribution of the convention. WEC acted as a powerful platform for the implementation of impactful decisions, a driver for innovation and growth, and an opportunity to build the profile of Australia's engineering sector on a global scale.

One of the major outcomes of WEC 2019 was a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed with Engineers Australia's counterparts in China.

"(This MOU is) really important, because what these MOUs do is makes sure that we can have mobiliity of our engineers and more broadly that engineers qualifications and capabilities are recognised".

- Dr Bronwyn Evans, CEO (2019 - 2020) and Honory Fellow, Engineers Australia

Another valuable outcome of WEC 2019 was the initiation of the inaugural World Engineering Day at the opening ceremony.

Led by the World Federation of Engineering Organizations President Marlene Kanga and supported by over 40 nations, UNESCO approved the launch of a ‘World Engineering Day’ for Sustainable Development to fall on March 4th every year starting in 2020, coinciding with the founding of WFEO.

World Engineering Day is an opportunity to celebrate engineering and encourage young people to consider engineering as a career in which science and mathematics can be applied to solve problems.

Proposed outcomes also included demonstrating high-achieving female engineers throughout the ages, addressing the gender imbalance, engaging with industry and government, and building awareness of the need for extra engineering capacity in developing countries.

How Melbourne Convention Bureau supported Engineers Australia

The Melbourne Convention Bureau (MCB) supported Engineers Australia during the initial bidding process as well as in the lead-up to and during the convention. MCB was also instrumental in facilitating funding support from the Victorian Government.

"We were very pleased to have the support of the Melbourne Convention Bureau, because it helped us enormously not only in the planning and organising of ourselves but also in the bidding process. Having the weight of the bureau behind us really did sway things with those that we had to convince in order to cohost this event".

- The Hon. Trish White, National President (2016 to 2021), Engineers Australia

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